Respecting the terroir

Organic Agriculture

In 2003, when we launched Domaine Py, we started from nothing. The buildings were empty. The winery and the bottling area awaited vats and equipment. The vineyards and sales networks emerged after five full years of intense work and investment, during which time a dedication to producing organic wine became central to our identity.  More than a purely economic or commercial choice during a period of rising demand for organic products, our decision to convert the vineyards to organic agriculture was the fruit of a profoundly personal conviction. Indeed, as the venture moved forward, respecting a balance between man, nature, and the environment became fundamental. At Domaine Py, our attention to this natural balance touches all those who are in any small way associated with this adventure, including my children. And what an adventure it has been! Converting 130 hectares [320 acres] to organic agriculture in three years represented a truly risky enterprise, but, in the words of Pierre Rabhi, “It’s today’s utopias that hold tomorrow’s solutions.”

Organic agriculture conversion

A great adventure

As organic growers, we saw the need to look beyond the traditional aspects of taming the vineyard, like controlling the persistent weeds that compete with the vines. Rethinking how we organized management of the vineyard brought us closer in touch with needs of the grapes and the cycles of their growth. More intensive observation of the vineyards led to more effective anticipation and prevention of disease. Complementing tactical treatment of the vineyards with sulfur and minute doses of copper were the cadence of manual weeding and the rhythm of seasonal pruning. To take this approach one step further, in 2016 we introduced our first bottles of natural wine without sulfites, grown biodynamically in select vineyards. This pure Grenache IGP Oc was named simply Tout naturellement.  Then, in 2017, we vinified select Chardonnay parcels without sulfites and we now offer white natural wine in the IGP Oc. If philosophy, values, and commitment led us to embrace organic agriculture almost ten years ago, this motivation remains intact and vibrant, and its fruits remain a source of continuing pride.